Post Jobs or Internships
using EJTech

SCSU uses EJTech as a virtual platform to enhance your engagement with our students and alums by posting jobs or internships.

Connecting with the right candidate to join your company and support your business is not an easy job. SCSU understands this situation and is eager to facilitate and open the opportunity door that benefits our students, alumni, and your company. Our mission is to connect skilled students as part of their career path with your company. Your engagement and support of this mission will result in an optimal return and may unleash great opportunities for your company.

Recent graduates and international students are precious and have so much untapped potential. Their lack of experience or different backgrounds should not be the reason why you should not hire them. They are open-minded and often offer a unique perspective to significantly contribute to problem-solving matters in your company. They are flexible, adaptable, and energetic, bringing much new energy your organization needs to stay refreshed and up for challenges. Accredited by TRACK and a member of CHEA, we have qualities we can bring to your table. Many of our graduate students have been working and contributing to developing the economy in industries, companies, and government.

Join us and make your graduate recruitment experience stand out. Align your graduate hiring programs to your organizational needs, and start exploring the possibilities with these recent graduate and international students.

Learn more about EJTECH here.

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