We are here to help navigate you as Graduate students to prepare for your future careers, both within and outside academia. You are enabled to work through a unique process of understanding how your specialized skillset can lead to a wide range of career possibilities. 

Identify your skills, values, and interests.
To find the right career path, you must begin by understanding yourself. What skills do you have? What do you value most in life? What activities do you enjoy doing? The answers to these questions should shape and mean your career trajectory.

  • Skills: what you are good at

  • Values: what matters most to you

  • Interest: what do you enjoy doing

Take the free assessment here (Principles You).

Career Exploration
Gathering and researching careers to discover your potential jobs of interest. Please check these several resources to get more insight about it.

  • Help to find your career options that might be a good fit for your interest. Start your skill matcher here (Career One Stop).

  • This website provides resources for tasks, skills, salary information, and more for over 900 career options. Start your next move here (My Next Move).

  • The resources to understand major profiles with information on typical career paths, types of employers that hire in the field, and strategies to maximize opportunities. Start what you can do with your major here (What Can I Do With This Major).

  • A career guide for students with disabilities. Start your guide here (Affordable Colleges).

Age-Proof Your Resume
Job hunting is difficult for professionals of any age. However, it can be particularly challenging for those re-entering the job market or changing careers amid rapid technological advances and older-worker discrimination. Find the tips for presenting yourself in the best light here (Business News Daily).

Improve communications and networking skills.
Business networking skills can be valuable in finding a job or increasing your hiring potential.

Learn ten strategies to make that happen here (Robert Half).

Brainteaser for Open-Minded (Interview)
Interview questions can be challenging for the new candidate. Interviewers might give a few unique interview questions to learn about a candidate’s experience and personal attributes. Access a resource to learn about Brainteaser interview questions here (Indeed). Find out more about 10 Unique interview questions to consider here (Indeed).

Access EJTech as SCSU’s platform to connect you with jobs and career opportunities here.


SCSU uses EJTech as its platform to facilitate and help students to match and get hired for a job in the U.S.—access EJTECHS here.


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